Our Summer Must-Have’s

Our Summer Must-Have’s

Summer is here … Our Must Have items for summer! 

Were you able to make it to our very first fashion show? If not, keep reading – we are going to show you some of our personal favorites from that night, and if you were able to go, still keep reading, because we are still sharing some newness here! 

Our Must Have items for Summer are simple: a hat for day or night, a few key pieces to add to your closet and the best accessory for those beach days and nights!

This Raffia Straw Hat might be in almost everyone’s closet who works at OPD. The fit is perfection, the flexibility of the straw is perfection, should i just say that the hat is perfection, because it is! Add it to your collection and you will not be disappointed. 

For our clothes, well it is so hard to pick just one to be our must have. But here we go, with a few of our favorites! This outfit rocked by Aly was in my pile before the day was over, Bella Linen High Rise Short and Scoop Neck Tee. For a more casual look, Kim is wearing the ILY tee  and it is golden. It can be worn tucked into a maxi skirt, layered under a flannel, or paired with ripped denim. This has been by far, the most popular tee! Lastly, Cris showed us that comfy can still be cute and stylish! These Ces Femme wide leg sweats are the bomb. They are so soft, and paired with the Free People You Rock tee, they can take you from dinner on the beach, to your couch watching the latest series to hit Netflix. 

There are lots of accessories and far too many to name, but one of our favorites for the summer is a Sandcloud towel. The mission behind this company is so inspirational. They are on a journey to save marine life! Learn more about their mission here.  We have been a fan of these towels and they were part of our very first collection back in the old store. Naturally, we just had to have them again this year and do you know — they will float in the pool! What?! 

We could go on and on about our new summer collection, but you just have to come see! You might just find a new must have that we haven’t included. You can shop in-store, or from the comfort of your couch! And if you are wondering, another fashion show? You bet! Coming back in the fall for a fall/Holiday collection – think pumpkins, leaves, scarves and sweaters. We will share as soon as we have booked a date. Until then, let’s soak up these summer days, shop the summer collection here, and make summer 2021 one to remember!

You can go your own way…

You can go your own way…

“The Power of Positivity”…we’ve all heard it… and frankly, it’s overused – right?!

We’re big dreamers over here at OPD.  We’re also pretty stubborn.  Tell us “no” or that we can’t do something …and we’ll find a way to prove you wrong. 

“Dream it, and you’ll achieve it”…ok! Sure! … There’s actually a lot more that goes on in between the dream it and the achieve it.  We believe that the dreaming is the most important first step!

We know…even “Dream it” sounds a bit cliche…but this is where big ideas are born.  This is how you get to where you are going…where you are meant to be!  Imagine what you want your life to look like, how you want to spend each day.  What does that look like? How does that make you feel?  

Now, how do you make that happen?

We are do-ers.  We create action steps to create a path to our next goal or destination.  We look for signs along the way to make sure we’re still headed in the right direction.  Our faith in these signs gives us the confidence that we’re in the right spot and we’re going the right way.  We know there will be potholes, flat tires, traffic jams…who knows, maybe even a mudslide!  But if we are on the road that we’re supposed to be on, then the destination will be worth the detours.

How do you know if you’re on the right path?  

Do you meditate?  Do you look for signs?  Do you manifest?   

Maybe it’s just a hope and a prayer? 

We have closely evaluated what is most important in our lives and how we define success.  Success can look a lot different for everyone…but for us…it’s time freedom.  We want to spend quality time with our kids…truly BE there and unplug and give our full attention.  That part is HARD you guys!!!  We have to be super disciplined about setting boundaries and holding each other accountable.  

My dad always said, “teamwork makes the dream work” and WE KNOW IT DOES.  

We believe that our success lies in the strength of our team.  Our team is growing quickly and we’d like to introduce you to a few new faces. 

Make sure to pop in and give them a super warm welcome.  We’re so excited to have them on the OPD team!



February is here! The month you know you struggled to spell correctly growing up, The month that has only 28 days unless we’re leaping. The month of the pudgy cherub with his arrow…Valentine’s Day! You either love it or you hate it. Are we right? 

This February, we’re challenging you to make the most of it.

Plan a date night “in” and surprise your love bug with some cheesy lines.  No, really! Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been married for decades, let’s lean in to this holiday and with all the romantic gestures, conversation hearts, the shiny heart full of mystery chocolate, the sappy cards with raised velvet poetry. C’mon! It’s so tacky but so fun! We’re suckers for good love stories over here. We ARE in the wedding business after all! 

February also introduces our kickoff to monthly workshops at Only Prettier Design, where we’ll be hosting a variety of classes the first Thursday of every month. Mark your calendars because this month, we are excited to welcome Kristine of Nibbles Grazing Boards. She’ll offer creative ways to dress up charcuterie. Guests will line up cheese,  craft salami roses, and leave with a yummy selection of  goodies perfect for sharing! 

Need a fun idea for your kiddos?  We love this – add some red food coloring to waffle mix and serve up a perfect pink breakfast at dinner. Make it even sweeter and drop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top with some strawberries and chocolate chips. Dinner and dessert served together equals less dishes. You wanna put the kids to bed early? You know, for some quiet time. We get it.  (Wink,wink) 

Pick up this adorable heart-shaped waffle maker at Amazon

Whether you celebrate the love or cringe at gooey romantic gestures, we promise that our selection of Valentine’s florals will put a smile on anyone’s face. Our vases are brimming with farm fresh vintage variety flowers that are sure to brighten any day of any month.

Get yourself a hand tied bouquet or surprise a friend.

Pre-order On-Line

Amid all the head spinning politics and pandemic overload, our hearts are bursting with appreciation for our customers and clients. When you stop in to just browse, bounce ideas off of us, or just relax, we welcome you with open arms and smiles behind our masks.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  

Bonus Content

Guess which one of us on the OPD team actually got engaged on Valentine’s Day?

Fun facts: There are ten of us and half of us are married! 

One of us has been married for thirty years! 

One of us despises hand holding!

Two of us had the same wedding song! 

One word. One Focus. That’s It.

One word. One Focus. That’s It.

One word. One Focus.

How can you identify a word that can help you define your next 12 months? How can you possibly trust that a word that you didn’t even pick is going to be your inspiration for the next year? We don’t do resolutions … we do words! And, for 2020 – we had two. Create and Balance.

When 2020 kicked off, we didn’t think much of these words, other than typing them out and putting them on a vision board. Now with 2020 wrapping up, these words define the past 12 months! Talk about create! The hours and hours of dreaming and doing, painting and building all went into creating the space that we have imagined for years. While balance is still a work in progress, we both made pretty significant changes with our careers during the exact same month – unplanned.

How do you repeat that?! Well, easy – pick a new word!

We talked about this with our team at our holiday meeting, and chose this as our icebreaker. Natalie picked a handful of words that were written on pieces of paper and we all had to draw one out of a hat. One by one, she walked around and our team picked their  words for 2021. There were tears, there were laughs, and maybe a few google searches for definitions. We talked about each word that was chosen, without knowing the whole list of words provided. Talk about trusting in fate and what word you would get!

How these words show up really are uncertain! Some have everyday meaning, some show up in the oddest ways, and others – well you don’t think about them until you sit down and reflect. So – write down a bunch of words that are on your mind. Think about the things you want to accomplish, do differently, or finally make a focus. Close your eyes and pick — let the days ahead show you what this words meaning will have on your 2021!

Happy New Year from OPD!

PS: some of our words are courageous, mindful, observant, authentic, and gracious …. we can’t wait to hear yours!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Here in our new space at OPD we’ve had the opportunity to explore fresh ideas, brainstorm visions for the shop and offer up a wish list of future products and events.

We are constantly looking ahead, anticipating needs and striving to deliver all things Prettier. 

As we prepare for our holiday season, we are discovering some activities that are cementing themselves to become traditions for us.  
For one, our vintage truck, Nessy, has been a huge hit for holiday photos.  Another? Recently, we welcomed a small group of neighbors to our first workshop event in our new studio space. Not only did the calendar date align with the makings of a lovely tradition but the holiday swag the group chose to assemble was perfect. 
Our homes and hearts may have some traditions that are disrupted this year or may have to be postponed all together.  We’re not alone in our efforts to preserve what we can.
Although visitors, gatherings, and parties may be limited we can still choose to focus on what truly matters.  Here’s how we will honor our family traditions despite the wrinkles.  
Dianne and her family grew last year and her littlest guys are now moving and grooving! Expanding on a tradition she learned from her own momma, her four sweet sons are each presented with a hand painted and personalized Christmas Eve box. Each year offers a set of holiday jammies, a new book, a favorite snack and an ornament. Together, under a pile of blankets and pillows, a family movie night begins and memories are made. 
Heather’s kids are surrounded by her magic everyday. She has a gift of making everything she does seem effortless.  A favorite holiday tradition for her family is on Christmas Eve and involves so many memory makers rolled into one! Dressy clothes and Christmas Eve candlelight services followed by a return home to open an early gift of matching holiday pajamas.  All those cutie elves pile back into their car to blast the carols, sing along and take a drive to see local light displays and festive decorations. Back home once again for snuggles, cocoa and movie time. The Polar Express! Believe…it doesn’t get better than that.
Our OPD team is a gift within itself! Our talented staff has some sweet traditions that make us smile!  
Amanda lets her light shine bright; her living room aglow in twinkle lights and the classic Home Alone movie is her favorite kick off to Christmas!  
Renee also loves a viewing night of White Christmas to embrace the season with her family.  
Christy shared a brand new tradition! She and her boyfriend have started a Christmas village and look forward to adding something new every year.
Natalie loves to unpack her roly-poly Santa, a Christmas toy from when she was only two years old. It doesn’t feel quite like Christmas until the tree is up!
Franchesca and her family choose a fresh tree and take a picture.  There’s always time for cookies at Christmas!  
Bella loves to bake and decorate cookies with her mom, Mimi and aunt. 
Kelly travels to the smokey mountains with her husband and son to visit family in the hills of Tennessee each Christmas. 
Chrissy still loves to set out cookies and milk for Santa and his reindeer even though her kids are all grown up. Some traditions will never leave us.

From our OPD family to yours, we wish you a season of blessings and a happy and healthy holiday!