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Fall Coffee Table Arrangements

Fall Coffee Table Arrangements

Change is in the air! We can’t deny the chill the setting sun brings—nearly an hour earlier than this time a month ago, or the slight blink of red on the tips of those maple leaves. It is a little bittersweet…we love our BBQs, boating, and porch swings, but there is still a part of us ready for routine and consistency. The kids are all back to school and we are settling into our fall groove as well. As we prepare for “sweater weather,” we are bringing all the cozy feels inside!

Transitioning your home for the next season doesn’t need to be dramatic! Creating small, inspired vignettes can add interest and warmth. We’ve put together four coffee table arrangements to help guide you!

Fall Inspired Coffee Table

Start with a strong base! Here, we selected a rustic, oversized wooden board and placed it on a woven table runner. A natural wood chain-link catches your eye as it cascades off the edge of the board. Continuing the antique feel, we added a handled wooden bowl—a unique vessel for seasonal items such as this wicker wrapped pumpkin, seed pods, or other harvest themed decor.

Select items of varying heights and shapes to create interest. Here, geometric candles in the same shade, but opposing size, complement one another. The olive green color brings a fun addition to the neutral palette (we have these in black, cream, olive, citrus, and marine!). A rattan wrapped vase (available in four sizes!) filled with dried florals adds additional height—replicating the florals and laying them on the base of the chopping board ties everything together.

Fall Inspired Coffee Table
Fall Inspired Coffee Table

Rule of three! Strive for an odd number of items when styling. The lack of symmetry adds depth and builds interest. Blending styles, such as pairing this sleek and modern  marble board with a more distressed, wood sugar mold creates a unique appeal. With your base in place, start experimenting with fall themed accessories—pumpkins, oversized acorns, gourds, or natural items from your yard. We like including a fall scent to spice things up! Fun fact, the geometric, glazed, ceramic candle in this arrangement can be repurposed as a planter!

Reflect your personal style! One of our favorite ways to style small vignettes is with items from our own homes. Books are such an ideal way to do that! Consider your favorite hobbies or interests—cooking, gardening, or spooky mysteries with Halloween in mind. Books add an individualized feel, but also bring desired height to your arrangement (use as many or few as you need). Here, a  vintage pillar made from reclaimed wood is paired with a stout candle embossed with gold stripes, creating contrast (and an inviting scent). Finally, we bring in the fall feels with a frosted acorn and seasonal faux florals.

These arrangements are simply inspiration! Try experimenting at home and come visit our boutique for more ideas. We are truly delighted to help our guests find something just right for the season!

From our table to yours….

From our table to yours….

hosting tips

And just like that…it’s the holidays. It goes without saying, we can’t wait to gather with our friends and family again this year!

We’re all a little anxious to start trimming the tree, but first, let’s give Thanksgiving it’s due! We have a few ideas in mind to help make your holiday a little extra special and host with ease.

First, before you even think about looking at your recipes, get the house and table set! Pull out some of those lesser used heirlooms and wedding gifts – your grandmother’s silver, that crystal candy dish, mismatched china. Lay out your platters and serving bowls and then label them for each dish. It’s madness to be looking for something to serve the green beans in when you’re about to sit for dinner!

Next, think about your tablescape. It’s no secret we love a neutral palette, but this is a great time to bring in fresh or faux greens, and maybe even some natural pieces from your yard. This boxwood garland adds texture and color to your table, but then can be repurposed for your mantle or entryway for Christmas! Consider layering in some wooden beads or dried florals to add interest. (We’ve got these beads in red too!) And, finally, candles of varying heights and bases bring warmth and dress up any table. We have LED candles and the real deal in store too! 

fall tables cape

When it comes to place settings, it doesn’t all have to match! Mix up your napkin style and make it a little fun with some decorative pieces. Here we alternated between woven corn husk mini pumpkins and wooden ones. (it IS still pumpkin season after all!)


Hosting sage, Ina Garten, reminds us that the last thing you want is to collapse on the couch in exhaustion as your guests arrive! Don’t be afraid to mix in store bought with homemade. Fill a fancy bowl with almonds, crack open a jar of chutney, and assemble your cheese platter. (And call your favorite florist to order a centerpiece 😉 )

Most importantly, get that champagne chilling! Light the fire, get the music playing (check out our Thanksgiving playlist here … and if you are ready for some Christmas – here is November), and be ready to enjoy everyone’s company! This is the time to pause in gratitude and celebrate together. From our table to yours we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Invited last minute to a Friendsgiving? or Looking to add one more dish to your menu? Here is a recipe from Heather’s family that has been passed on for generations! We hope that you enjoy it! 

Our Summer Must-Have’s

Our Summer Must-Have’s

Summer is here … Our Must Have items for summer! 

Were you able to make it to our very first fashion show? If not, keep reading – we are going to show you some of our personal favorites from that night, and if you were able to go, still keep reading, because we are still sharing some newness here! 

Our Must Have items for Summer are simple: a hat for day or night, a few key pieces to add to your closet and the best accessory for those beach days and nights!

This Raffia Straw Hat might be in almost everyone’s closet who works at OPD. The fit is perfection, the flexibility of the straw is perfection, should i just say that the hat is perfection, because it is! Add it to your collection and you will not be disappointed. 

For our clothes, well it is so hard to pick just one to be our must have. But here we go, with a few of our favorites! This outfit rocked by Aly was in my pile before the day was over, Bella Linen High Rise Short and Scoop Neck Tee. For a more casual look, Kim is wearing the ILY tee  and it is golden. It can be worn tucked into a maxi skirt, layered under a flannel, or paired with ripped denim. This has been by far, the most popular tee! Lastly, Cris showed us that comfy can still be cute and stylish! These Ces Femme wide leg sweats are the bomb. They are so soft, and paired with the Free People You Rock tee, they can take you from dinner on the beach, to your couch watching the latest series to hit Netflix. 

There are lots of accessories and far too many to name, but one of our favorites for the summer is a Sandcloud towel. The mission behind this company is so inspirational. They are on a journey to save marine life! Learn more about their mission here.  We have been a fan of these towels and they were part of our very first collection back in the old store. Naturally, we just had to have them again this year and do you know — they will float in the pool! What?! 

We could go on and on about our new summer collection, but you just have to come see! You might just find a new must have that we haven’t included. You can shop in-store, or from the comfort of your couch! And if you are wondering, another fashion show? You bet! Coming back in the fall for a fall/Holiday collection – think pumpkins, leaves, scarves and sweaters. We will share as soon as we have booked a date. Until then, let’s soak up these summer days, shop the summer collection here, and make summer 2021 one to remember!

Define Your Vision…

Define Your Vision…

How do you define your vision? 

For us, this question is the first one we ask at the beginning of any design process – whether it is an event, a room, or a whole home. Figuring out what you want to feel when you experience it is the first step to defining that vision. We ask that question first when we meet with any of our clients to ensure that we align during our consultation process and have a grounding piece during our design curation. We want to make sure that whatever space we transform matches the vibe that our client is trying to achieve. 

What about if you don’t know your vision or how you want to feel? That’s ok – let us help you! The easiest way to navigate this is to grab a comfy blanket, quiet space, fun cocktail and get searching. Start a board whether it is on Pinterest or Houzz. From there, you have a collection of photos that are starting to look cohesive (maybe?) and you will be able to identify the big ideas that make up your vision. 

 Or maybe, your photos and choices are all over the place – That’s ok! We are here to help. We know what questions to ask, where to start, and how to navigate when a client is just frankly unsure. 

Our design process, whether it is for a wedding, event, or interiors, begins and ends with our clients vision. This feeling that is evoked from guests at your event, or guests in your home, are the beginning of foundational pieces to life long memories that will be created time and time again. And, we are so happy that we have been welcomed into that journey! 

Let us help you with your next event, or room design! Click here to schedule your next consult for an event or your home!

Entertaining… add the extra details

Entertaining… add the extra details

Entertaining… add the extra details


2020 really has us appreciating time in a myriad of ways. The time we spend with others beyond our immediate family has dwindled down in frequency, size, and scope. All out extravaganzas have transitioned to intimate soirées and we’re all for it.

Thanksgiving is nearing and hosting can be an ordeal. Your relatives have postponed visiting until next year and while you are secretly relieved Uncle Bob’s boisterous opinions are staying away, you will miss Aunt Mildred’s warm smile and perfect mashed potatoes. Count your blessings and maybe try something new this year! Scale back on the menu, splurge on that bottle of red and get ready to make this dinner, or any feast, a truly special one for you and yours.
A thoughtful presentation and some fun tips just might free you up enough to begin your Christmas list.

For any style of entertaining it’s important to prep ahead.
Take some pressure off this year and…wait for it…cook the bird the day before! No way you say? Everyone agrees it tastes better the next day. Warm it up, or better yet serve casual yet elegant open faced turkey sandwiches on thick slices of brioche and fresh thyme.
Tip: warm a stack of plates in the oven to keep food hot when serving a plated meal 

While you’re prepping your green bean bundles wrapped in bacon, sip on some apple cider mimosas complete with a brown sugar and cinnamon rim. Have a few glasses prepped on a tray along with pretty napkins, some cinnamon sticks and some shiny apples and you’re good to go!
Tip: keep a few bottles of champagne on deck complete with a bow. You’ll always have a reciprocal gift if someone swings by

Appetizers– make them graze worthy and gaze worthy. Use greens to provide a base on dishes and platters.Colorful cabbage, collard greens and fresh kale are sturdy and help elevate how pretty your stuffed mushrooms are. Speaking of elevating, build your scrumptious morsels a tiered base. Make bites easy to reach with a chunky candle holder and heavy plate. Stack old books as a base. Turn a basket or bowl over for a stand. Soften edges with frilly lettuce and cascading grapes. Use peppers to hold dips or spreads. Turn a basket or decorative box on its side, line with cloth napkins and crackers, rolls, and breadsticks with look amazing spilling out. 
Tip: use fresh herbs and stir into softened stick of butter. Roll into wax paper and twist the ends. Freeze. When ready to serve, slice or cube and arrange a pattern on a small dish- lined with a leaf of green of course

Personalize the Experience Allow each diner at your table to feel special with a place card. Kids love finding their name and adults like it too. Add a sprig of fresh mint, a small piece of chocolate, or even a seasonal trinket suck as a perfect strawberry in summer or a pine cone in colder months. 
Tip: place cards and place settings don’t need to match. Mix and mingle! Think of something that will make them smile.

Set the Tone Don’t forget the background. Music please! Even a casual family dinner deserves ambiance. Music is also a great way to fill the silence as you eat, calm the senses, and camouflage the clinking and chewing. Let conversation be the forefront and choose something mindful and appropriate. 
Tip: Classical instrumental choices soothe, relax, and don’t interrupt. There is a reason why restaurants choose wordless medleys.

Sharing is caring. Sharing your time is always appreciated and sharing a meal with people you love is a great thing. Share with them some of these small details and they’ll really take notice.  
If they don’t? Well then, they’ve got dishes.
A Fireplace Makeover

A Fireplace Makeover

A Fireplace Makeover

Lighter, brighter and oh so cozy!
Lots of us are jumping into projects in our homes. Some of these projects stem from that ongoing list that seems to grow instead of shrink. With the curveball we’ve all been thrown, we are reminded of how much we all yearn for a comfortable and functional space. Sometimes though, a little spruce up in the scenery department is what our home sweet homes need.
Take that brick fireplace surround. You know you love a warm fire on a chilly evening. You love the crackling wood, the snuggles, the movie nights and the family time. You don’t love red-ish, pink-ish , mauve-ish standard brick. Give us farmhouse vibes! Give us a cleaner and modern update! Give us paint!
That’s it folks- white paint and a couple of hours and you’ve got an updated focal point that you’ll adore this season and many more.
Grab and go! You’ve got this!
-Couple of old paintbrushes
-A container to mix paint and some water – we use a mason jar and lid
-A spray bottle with water
-Old washcloths (get a couple wet and wring out)
Tape off the walls and lay out some plastic on the floor. Prep the area accordingly as there might be some splatter with the consistency of the paint.
A 50/50 mix of paint and water is a good start. You can always add more paint if you prefer a thicker, less transparent application. Use a bright and clean white paint. You can always use the same white as your trim if you want a perfect match.
Start in the grout lines at the top and using quick, scrubbing strokes work the paint into the grout and along the edges of the brick. Working from top to bottom allows you to tackle any drips and frees up your standing spots. Ball up your wet washcloth and scrub and rub the paint to the center of the brick. You’re not going for a uniform look here and if you feel like you applied to much paint in one section, use your washcloth to scrub the paint around and just lighten it up as you move around. Again, you can always layer on more paint.
Every now and again back way up and admire your progress.
You may notice how easily the brick just soaks up the paint. Use your spray bottle and spritz some extra water and use your index finger to rub, dab, pounce some additional texture to achieve the look you want.
Have fun and enjoy the process! There really is not a right or wrong look; it’s truly a matter of preference. Before you know it,
you’ll be relaxing with a cozy fire, a whole new look and the satisfaction that you did it!


Ready for your mantel makeover?