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F+S Birch Logs/Blue Spruce


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A campfire, a bonfire, a fire pit…this blend of oaky woods, a hint of smoke, and a bit of toasted marshmallow at the finish will make you feel like you’re cozied up next to your favorite fire of choice.

Reed diffusers are perfect for scenting small spaces without an open flame, and require almost no maintenance.

Rattan reeds absorb the oils and diffuse the scent into the air – use all ten for a maximum scent throw, or just a few at a time for a more subtle smell. Flip reeds weekly or as desired for a fresh burst of scent. Scent lasts 2-3 months.

Net weight: 3 oz
Dimensions: Each bottle is 4 1/2” high; Reeds are 11” in length

Do not consume; keep away from children and pets. Clean spills immediately.

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Reed Diffuser