Time for an Interior Refresh?

Time for an Interior Refresh?

We’ve all been inside our homes for A WHILE now and if you weren’t thinking about an interior refresh before, you’re for sure craving one now.  Maybe you’re struggling with storage solutions and clutter… or perhaps you’re just tired of staring at a stale room lacking in decor. We get it! Our homes are working overtime these days, and have never deserved a little love as much as they do now.

Part of our mission at Only Prettier Design is to “bring beauty to homes through thoughtful interior design”. We love serving our customers through our home decor shop, Only Prettier Design in Wrentham, where we have beautiful decor and accents that bring warmth and character to your home.

To add to that, we’re so excited to announce that we’re now offering Online Interior Design ServicesBeginning this month, we’re growing the Only Prettier Design team with a certified and amazingly talented, interior decorator and designer AND will begin offering Virtual Interior Design Services. We are so thrilled to now be able to serve our customers even better in this way!

To kickoff these new services, we’re offering for a limited time FREE 30-minute design guidance calls to help you love your home a bit more during this time of “staying in”.

We’ll collaborate with you on design solutions and give you tons of inspiration and design tips to create a comfortable, organized, and beautiful space.

“We believe that the best designs come through listening and collaborating to curate a space that’s personal, thoughtful and purposeful.

Our design packages are completely customizable and super affordable. We can help you beautifully style what you already have and love or help you shop for the perfect pieces to complete your space. We’ll take your vision, work within your budget, and build out a custom design plan for EVERY piece you need to complete your design.

Schedule your FREE 30-minute design consultation to get started

For those interested in taking a step further, we have packaged design services and can also completely customize design services to fit your project’s needs big or small.