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  We’re Dianne & Heather

It was not by coincidence that we met all those years ago. We were each doing our creative talents on the side, while still working our daytime jobs so that we could provide for our families. We both had dreams that were bigger than we could tackle on our own. It didn’t take us long to realize that we shared the exact same goals… the same vision for business… and the same eye for styling and detail. We knew that this crazy dream of being the lead floral design team for Boston weddings, and running a boutique shop with beautiful decor, gifts and fresh florals, could actually become a reality. If we joined forces… we would be stronger together!

That has definitely proven to be the case as we continue to grow. We have been overjoyed and humbled by serving so many incredible clients over the years. It makes our hearts happy to bring beauty to your wedding day and warm designs into your homes.

Store Director


Interior Designer



Our mission is to bring beauty to events, venues and homes through thoughtful florals and interior design…allowing our clients to be completely present and fulfilled by their surroundings.


We are guided by our faith, prioritize our families, and put our hearts into fully showing up… for our colleagues and our clients! We value time and consider it precious.


Design a life you love! We are dedicated to listening to our clients’ vision and then making it happen! We appreciate authentic relationships, integrity and we are proud to stand by our work… all of the time.

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