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The Only Prettier Design Team

The Only Prettier Design Team

Moving into our new, larger space two years ago was transformative—we had worked tirelessly for weeks demoing, hammering, schlepping materials all around, painting, designing, and staging. We finally had the space we had been dreaming about! It seriously made our hearts skip a beat and take a pause.

But, we knew we couldn’t keep building on our own. We needed an exceptional and fearless team to take OPD to the next level. Fast forward two years and we are so proud of this outstanding crew. This team is not accidental. We had a vision in mind when we met with every one of them. We knew they possessed key qualities that made them just the right fit:

Passion & Dedication: Spring 2022 was epic. Seven major weddings over the course of just two weekends, plus prom, Mother’s Day, and graduations. This team never faltered. There were many nights our floral team was making centerpieces and installation pieces well past midnight. We had crews driving hours in opposite directions for event set-ups, and a boutique crew racing to fulfill orders.

Trust: And, then there was our back of house crew quietly keeping things moving along – managing the boutique, tracking inventory, packing weddings, coordinating transportation, photographing, and sharing our journey with you on social. There are a lot of moving parts here, but we trust and rely on this group to get it done!

Calm Under Pressure: We would love to tell you that all our events are executed seamlessly without any hiccups or stress. But stuff happens! It’s not always easy! Glass breaks, stems snap, technology fails, and Cape traffic on a Friday is real! We turn to calm and steady leadership and trust in our team. We get it done through all the sweat and mishaps because we know every member of OPD shows up with a “can do” attitude. This team will not stop until every wedding, every event, every boutique floor set is executed perfectly.

Resilience : We like to think we offer our team a good time! We travel to spectacular venues and love to celebrate. We really do try to have fun through it all. But this work is often HARD and unexpected! We are regularly climbing ladders, lifting heavy buckets, painting, cleaning, cutting wire…there are bumps and bruises and many, many late nights.

Joy: The best part of working with this team—we genuinely love and support them. Our spring event season culminated with the personal, real-life triumphs of these individuals. We had moms celebrating their children’s major milestones–high school graduations, preschool end-of-year celebrations, and moving up ceremonies. We had college students completing exams, teachers concluding another year, and college graduates just beginning their career. Our inbox was full of shared family photos and proud moments we are so honored to be a part of!

Our OPD journey continues! You may have heard we are opening a second location for florals and plants in the coming months. Stay tuned! It all just keeps getting better!

It’s All About Strategy

It’s All About Strategy

Hello 2022! It has been a bit of a rollercoaster the past few weeks, but we have taken some time to get planted and are so excited for all that is to come! 

We kicked off the new year with a team meeting to lay out goals and expectations for the next 12 months and beyond…Sitting together with our coffee (er, mimosa) to hash out plans was the absolute best motivator. A long time practice for us is not picking resolutions but picking words. 

A handful of inspirational words were placed in a jar, we each blindly selected a word for ourselves, and then one for the store. It’s a fun way to warm up creatively, but our words also keep us grounded all year long when we start to feel distracted or discouraged. 

For 2022 the team has banded around the word “strategy.” Because no matter where you may be today, getting where you want to be (or maintaining!) requires strategy and structure. Are you looking to head back to work? Make a move? Get ahead on your finances? The best efforts are backed by taking pen to paper and working out exactly how to make it happen.

Our strategy consists of a few staples … a good meal (who can think on an empty stomach?), vision board for the year, and a clean workspace. A good meal starts with a breakfast or lunch that fuels us.  This frozen acai bowl is one of our favorite, quick and easy, go-to recipes. We’ve got an in-house blender and a freezer full of berries, spinach, and bananas ready to go when we need it! But, get creative at home–try banana, pineapple, protein powder, and a dash of cinnamon for a “pina colada” version.  

After picking our word, we moved on to filling out our vision board for the year. We start with answering a series of questions and then find some inspiration through photos to surround it. Here is the link to our vision board that we used in our meeting! 

And last, you need to have some sort of way to organize. We love our planners and journals, but sometimes our digital world gets a bit messy! We change our desktop monthly, and it really helps keep it all organized. And, yes – we love paper too – We’re a bit obsessed with our daily planners, journals (check ours out here),  and blocking time. We’ve literally already booked our team summer cookout and holiday party, plus store events like our bi-annual fashion show (stay tuned!) And we constantly check in with each other on what’s next! 

Here is a link for our prettier desktop wallpaper for January! Try it out! Click download below, save the image, and set as Desktop Wallpaper! Try updating your folder icons too!

And, you know what? Maybe this isn’t “your year.” Maybe you are dealing with tremendous loss or personal crisis. Maybe what you really need is to pivot from a results-driven mindset to self-care and recovery. And that is 100% OK! But you still might need a strategy to find the time and space to breathe. Whether you need to get out for a walk, have a date night, or just need to get the kids to bed so you can watch Yellowstone–carve out some space just for you and own it.

Looking for some motivation and want to try picking a word for yourself? Here are a few to get you started: strength, gratitude, patience, courage, family. But be creative! Listen to your heart and write down a few words that have meaning for you. Mix them up, have faith, and choose. Maybe this won’t be your “best year ever,” but maybe it is the year you get centered on what is possible.

From our table to yours….

From our table to yours….

hosting tips

And just like that…it’s the holidays. It goes without saying, we can’t wait to gather with our friends and family again this year!

We’re all a little anxious to start trimming the tree, but first, let’s give Thanksgiving it’s due! We have a few ideas in mind to help make your holiday a little extra special and host with ease.

First, before you even think about looking at your recipes, get the house and table set! Pull out some of those lesser used heirlooms and wedding gifts – your grandmother’s silver, that crystal candy dish, mismatched china. Lay out your platters and serving bowls and then label them for each dish. It’s madness to be looking for something to serve the green beans in when you’re about to sit for dinner!

Next, think about your tablescape. It’s no secret we love a neutral palette, but this is a great time to bring in fresh or faux greens, and maybe even some natural pieces from your yard. This boxwood garland adds texture and color to your table, but then can be repurposed for your mantle or entryway for Christmas! Consider layering in some wooden beads or dried florals to add interest. (We’ve got these beads in red too!) And, finally, candles of varying heights and bases bring warmth and dress up any table. We have LED candles and the real deal in store too! 

fall tables cape

When it comes to place settings, it doesn’t all have to match! Mix up your napkin style and make it a little fun with some decorative pieces. Here we alternated between woven corn husk mini pumpkins and wooden ones. (it IS still pumpkin season after all!)


Hosting sage, Ina Garten, reminds us that the last thing you want is to collapse on the couch in exhaustion as your guests arrive! Don’t be afraid to mix in store bought with homemade. Fill a fancy bowl with almonds, crack open a jar of chutney, and assemble your cheese platter. (And call your favorite florist to order a centerpiece 😉 )

Most importantly, get that champagne chilling! Light the fire, get the music playing (check out our Thanksgiving playlist here … and if you are ready for some Christmas – here is November), and be ready to enjoy everyone’s company! This is the time to pause in gratitude and celebrate together. From our table to yours we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Invited last minute to a Friendsgiving? or Looking to add one more dish to your menu? Here is a recipe from Heather’s family that has been passed on for generations! We hope that you enjoy it! 

I Quit My Career!

I Quit My Career!

Our choice of profession can often define us.  When asked the question, we simply answer…”I’m a teacher, I’m a lawyer, I’m a mom…or in my case, I’m a nurse”.  As women, we can often find ourselves stuck in this box…as if we are no more than what we “do”.  

On the flip side, what we spend our time doing, in turn, shapes who we become.  Spending 20 years as a nurse in a step-down ICU setting absolutely shaped who I became.  Some of it great…some, not so much.   Sometimes the changes are subtle and slow over time…we don’t even realize they are happening. There is no way at 18 years old we are going to be able to predict the path of our lives…no matter how much we try to control it!  We discover new passions and hidden talents we had NO idea were there when we were younger!  It’s so important to listen to these subtle nudges, and to nurture them wherever possible.  

In my case, I listened to the advice of close friends, and started decorating their interiors …which then spread to their neighbors…until I found myself at a crossroad.    Believe me when I say, I definitely could NOT do it all!  I had four small children and was working night weekends (the dream shift!). This schedule was actually best for the littles, who were barely in school yet.   But it started to feel really fulfilling to have a creative outlet and do something rewarding outside of being a mom during the week.  

So here’s the dilemma….how do you know when it’s time to turn your passion into your new career?

For me…It was tough.  I was hesitant and cautious.  I was the sole provider of 4 little ones… Could I really do this? But then I thought….what if I DON’T try?  What message is that sending to my girls?   

I realized in that moment, that their future dreams depended on me following mine.  

And so from there, I thoughtfully planned and saved up.  But even then there were doubts…so I prayed for signs…for peace of mind…for a settled soul. The day came that I knew I needed to put my faith into action…to take the jump!  

I ended my 20 year career as a nurse on June 14th.  It hasn’t really sunk in yet…but I am confident that being a nurse…or a wife…or a mom…or even a designer, doesn’t define me.   

We are all so much more…colorful and gifted!  

So don’t be afraid, listen to those inner voices, and TAKE THE JUMP…you’ll be proud of yourself for trying!

You can go your own way…

You can go your own way…

“The Power of Positivity”…we’ve all heard it… and frankly, it’s overused – right?!

We’re big dreamers over here at OPD.  We’re also pretty stubborn.  Tell us “no” or that we can’t do something …and we’ll find a way to prove you wrong. 

“Dream it, and you’ll achieve it”…ok! Sure! … There’s actually a lot more that goes on in between the dream it and the achieve it.  We believe that the dreaming is the most important first step!

We know…even “Dream it” sounds a bit cliche…but this is where big ideas are born.  This is how you get to where you are going…where you are meant to be!  Imagine what you want your life to look like, how you want to spend each day.  What does that look like? How does that make you feel?  

Now, how do you make that happen?

We are do-ers.  We create action steps to create a path to our next goal or destination.  We look for signs along the way to make sure we’re still headed in the right direction.  Our faith in these signs gives us the confidence that we’re in the right spot and we’re going the right way.  We know there will be potholes, flat tires, traffic jams…who knows, maybe even a mudslide!  But if we are on the road that we’re supposed to be on, then the destination will be worth the detours.

How do you know if you’re on the right path?  

Do you meditate?  Do you look for signs?  Do you manifest?   

Maybe it’s just a hope and a prayer? 

We have closely evaluated what is most important in our lives and how we define success.  Success can look a lot different for everyone…but for us…it’s time freedom.  We want to spend quality time with our kids…truly BE there and unplug and give our full attention.  That part is HARD you guys!!!  We have to be super disciplined about setting boundaries and holding each other accountable.  

My dad always said, “teamwork makes the dream work” and WE KNOW IT DOES.  

We believe that our success lies in the strength of our team.  Our team is growing quickly and we’d like to introduce you to a few new faces. 

Make sure to pop in and give them a super warm welcome.  We’re so excited to have them on the OPD team!

One word. One Focus. That’s It.

One word. One Focus. That’s It.

One word. One Focus.

How can you identify a word that can help you define your next 12 months? How can you possibly trust that a word that you didn’t even pick is going to be your inspiration for the next year? We don’t do resolutions … we do words! And, for 2020 – we had two. Create and Balance.

When 2020 kicked off, we didn’t think much of these words, other than typing them out and putting them on a vision board. Now with 2020 wrapping up, these words define the past 12 months! Talk about create! The hours and hours of dreaming and doing, painting and building all went into creating the space that we have imagined for years. While balance is still a work in progress, we both made pretty significant changes with our careers during the exact same month – unplanned.

How do you repeat that?! Well, easy – pick a new word!

We talked about this with our team at our holiday meeting, and chose this as our icebreaker. Natalie picked a handful of words that were written on pieces of paper and we all had to draw one out of a hat. One by one, she walked around and our team picked their  words for 2021. There were tears, there were laughs, and maybe a few google searches for definitions. We talked about each word that was chosen, without knowing the whole list of words provided. Talk about trusting in fate and what word you would get!

How these words show up really are uncertain! Some have everyday meaning, some show up in the oddest ways, and others – well you don’t think about them until you sit down and reflect. So – write down a bunch of words that are on your mind. Think about the things you want to accomplish, do differently, or finally make a focus. Close your eyes and pick — let the days ahead show you what this words meaning will have on your 2021!

Happy New Year from OPD!

PS: some of our words are courageous, mindful, observant, authentic, and gracious …. we can’t wait to hear yours!