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Occasion Infusions


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Use these kits to elevate your part each one makes 3 drinks and each set has different options just grab the alcohol needed and make these drinks.

Garden Party 

  • Primavera – An infused riff on the classic Gin Sour with a rose essence flavor as delicate and refined as the color. Named for Spring but ready to bloom in your home bar all year long.
  • Garden Gimlet – Like springtime in a glass, this subtle lavender- focused infused gin cocktail is light enough for the afternoon, and sophisticated enough for the evening.
  • Minted Martha –Crisp and refreshing, with infused notes of mouth-tingling mint that complement the vodka-lime-cranberry base of this riff on a classic Cape Codder. 

Backyard BBQ

  • Spicy Paloma – Easy to make, even easier to enjoy. A hint of perfectly balanced infused chili heat energizes the tequila and grapefruit goodness of this otherwise classic Paloma.
  • Smokehouse Lemonade – Perhaps the quintessential back-porch BBQ beverage: smoky-infused bourbon and lemonade. A great warm-weather cool-down all season long.
  • Rossa Americano – A cocktail featuring infused hibiscus and bitter citrus flavors specifically designed to stimulate your appetite.   

Date Night

  • Desert Rose – Infused notes of rose, hibiscus, cardamom, and chocolate convey an exotic Silk Road vibe, layered with rich Aperol citrus and fresh lemon. 
  • Love Shack – Lush and lovely, this marriage of chocolate and rum with pineapple and lime combines rich sweetness with refreshing citrus tanginess. One to love!
  • Pure Passion – An exciting combination of balanced chili infusion heat, tart lime, and luxurious passionfruit will set hearts aflutter. Share it with someone you love.   

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Garden Party, Backyard BBQ, Date Night