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Plukt Nordic Tea


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Made in Latvia, Northern Europe.

All teas by Plukt are certified organic, vegan/vegetarian, hand-picked in organic wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe, caffeine and GMO free. 

Tea Bags biodegrade within 30-60 days. 

Nordic Black Tea:
healthy alternative to traditional black tea made from Northern Fireweed herb.
INGREDIENTS: organic Fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium) leaves fermented in 50°C, handmade.
CHARACTERISTICS: bitter sweet taste, energy-boosting, metabolism-improving, aromatic
COLOUR: dark gold and clear consistency.


By slowly fermenting leaves of wild fireweed herb in average temperature for up to 1 week and forming a certain shape so that they would open in the tea bag. Because of wild fireweed which is naturally rich in minerals and hand-made fermenting processes, „NORDIC BLACK” have similar effect and taste characteristics as traditional black tea.

White metal tin, 1.4 oz, 25 biodegradable premium pyramid tea bags

Nordic Green: healthy alternative to green tea. Handmade from naturally-dried leaves of wild fireweed hand-picked in Northern Europe. CHARACTERISTICS: light green color and semi-clear consistency. Rather dry aftertaste. EFFECT: Energy-boosting and metabolism improving tea for mornings.

White metal tin, 1.4 oz, 25 biodegradable premium pyramid tea bags 

Linden: Linden Flower tea (contains flowers of Tilia vulgaris). This delightful, legendary and honey alike herb blossoms once a year for an average of seven days, it continues to blossom even when it rains thus leaving less time to collect it, making it a tea to be savored with every sip.
EFFECT: golden tea, sweet and suitable for most moments and moods. The flowers contain essential oils, carotene, vitamin C. Useful for coughs, runny nose, stomach and intestinal cramps, diarrhea, nervousness, seizures.

White cardboard package with inner protection packaging, weight 0.044lbs. Dimensions 3.7” x 1.9” x 6.6” (h).

Wild Raspberry Leaf: Wild raspberry leaf tea (contains loose leaves of Rubus idaeus) is one of the richest in fragrances. It tastes like something you’ve always wanted to give as a gift to a very true friend of yours. It is equivalent to a walk through mystical Nordic forests and looking for fairies sipping the sweetest Wild raspberry leaf tea.
CHARACTERISTICS: The taste is so vivid and long-lasting that it is perfectly fine to pour water on the same portion again and again. Wild raspberry tea has a sweating, body cleansing, temperature lowering, anti-inflammatory, metabolism improving, and immune-stimulating effect.

White cardboard package with inner protection packaging, weight 0.055lbs. Dimensions 3.7” x 1.9” x 6.6” (h).

Lady’s Mantle: Lady’s mantle (tea contains loose flowers and greens of Alchemilla vulgaris) tea is a pure, tender and delicate Nordic herb which rise and shine at the time of Midsummer celebration. While having nearly 18 h daylight, maximum sunlight and tropical warmth, there couldn’t be better conditions for Lady’s mantle to grow. In Midsummer Nordic girls make flower crowns out of Lady’s mantle, wash faces in it’s collected water drops and run through the meadows, all of which can be savored in one small cup.
EFFECT: It is known for its anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, metabolic enhancing, menstrual cycle regulating effect. Used for cleansing the body, inflammation of the respiratory tract, bronchitis.

Peppermint: Plūkt peppermint tea (contains loose whole leaves of mentha piperita) is rich not only in taste with a delightfully crisp aftertaste, but has a magical aroma and calming effect on the body. We encourage to take a deep breath, lay down and enjoy the celebration of nature.

White cardboard package with inner protection packaging, weight 0.066lbs. Dimensions 3.7”x1.9”x6.6”(h)

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