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Seasoned Sea Salts


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Citrus: Its refreshing color makes it not only delicious but a treat for the eyes too. A dash of this on your fish, chicken, or vegetables will brighten it in every way.

Lemon Garlic: This blend of two Mediterranean salts, lemon, garlic, and herbs was crafted for the home cook who wants to up their game. It will also work wonders for the self-proclaimed novice cook looking to add a burst of flavor to their dishes in just a pinch. Sprinkle this spice blend on salads or fresh tomatoes, rub it on meats and fish, mix with egg salad or tuna, add roasted nuts, or throw it on a pasta dish.

Marinara: Marinara is a staple, much-loved by anyone who enjoys Italian cuisine, and so we distilled this quintessential Italian flavor into a jar. Add this seasoning blend to your pantry and enhance quick, easy recipes with a sprinkle.

Pesto: This is more than just pesto in a jar. Simple and delicious, we’ve taken pesto to the next level. We wanted to mimic our homemade pesto sauce while creating a spice and salt blend to enhance any dish with those special Italian flavors that you can only find in pesto. This spice blend is perfect for those who want less salt, while still enjoying those amazing flavors.

Smoked Spice: Summer in a jar. This blend is spicy without being spicy, making it the perfect seasoning for a variety of dishes, and anything on the BBQ.

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Citrus, Lemon Garlic, Marinara, Pesto, Smoked Spice